Poker Strategy – Crush it in Online Sit&Go’s and Tourneys.

dogs playing pokerWe all know that poker is a combination of chance and strategy. There is just no way that you can win the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas if you don’t have some luck in your corner. Well, maybe if you’re Jamie Gold, because that guy ran hot! But overall you got to have some luck and given poker’s many different forms, poker strategy then becomes a very complex subject.

The most popular games are played with five cards, either held entirely by you, or partly drawn from the deck, which is shared between all the players at the table and called community cards. All players then get to bet on their hands in a certain number of rounds and employ various mathematical and intuitive strategies to try and better all opponents.

Poker strategies include bluffing, slow-playing (one of my favourites), correctly playing your position, etc. and it’s your job to try and change another player’s style, whilst maintaining your own strategies.

One of the most important concepts in a poker strategy is knowing what the relationship between pot odds and the odds of winning are. Knowing the size of the pot compared to the size of the bet to stay in the pot is called pot odds. For example, if you need to call £50 in order to win £150, the pot odds are 3 – 1, which means that you have a 33.33% chance of winning the pot.

As mentioned before, they recon that a poker player only fully understands the game when he or she have been playing for at least 30 years. With my manual I can put you on the road to that 30 years, so that you don’t lose your entire bankroll within a few days or weeks, but make a profit in order to continue. There is nothing sweeter than playing with someone else’s money and then topping up your bankroll while playing with their money.

The manual I had put together consist of 13 chapters and will tell you everything you need to know on how to make a profit in Sit&Go’s and Tournaments. Just hover over ‘Poker Strategy’ on the top left of the page, click on ‘Table of Contents’ and off you go.


My personal favourite online gambling sites

Below you can see my list of the top 4 online poker sites I prefer. I’ve been playing on them for the better part of the last decade and they all have something to bring to the table. Get it?

But before you get to them, take a look at the right hand side. The 3 banners you see. Poker is the best game in the world, but a gambler is a gambler. We gamble on anything, any where. It’s not uncommon to see Phil Ivey (arguably the best poker player in the world) shooting a game of craps, playing baccarat (currently tied up in a lawsuit where he won a million dollars and the casino is refusing to pay), betting on sports or making prob bets against other players at the tables. So if you need a little break, just visit one of the banners on the right.

Betway – Sports Betting

As seen on TV, they are one of the world’s leading, global online betting and gaming companies. They have some of the best odds when it comes to sports betting. From there on you can navigate to their casino and they even have poker. They are well known throughout the sports world for sponsoring many tv events like darts, snooker, boxing, football tennis and more. And the €150 bonus they currently offer is nothing to complain about.

Casino Tropez – Slots, Roulette, Blackjack

Who doesn’t love free money. Currently offering a $3000 bonus, these guys have been in business since 2001. The way it works is, they offer you $3000 to play with and you get to keep all the winnings you make. But you can’t withdraw it until you have wagered it between 1x to 30x over. For example if you had won $500, you would need to wager at least $500 while playing slots, but up to $15,000 while playing other games. Any winnings after that can be withdrawn. Not bad being able to walk away with some free money.

888 Ladies – Bingo!

As seen on tv, 888 is one of the most famous betting and gaming companies in the world and have everything from sports betting and poker to casino games and bingo. We are going to focus on bingo, every Nan’s favourite game. Who of us growing up did not sit next their Nan playing a game of serious bingo and just couldn’t resist to yell out, ‘Bingo!’ which no doubt resulted in you getting smacked around the ear. Here with me you don’t need to worry about getting smacked. I officially declare this a smack-free zone unless you decides to use the love of your life’s new fridge money. For that unfortunately I can not help, but I do have a solution…. Use the grocery money!

Deposit £10 and get to play with £65. You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that is a good deal.


As seen on tv, Pokerstars is the biggest online poker site in the world. There are tens of thousands of players playing at any given time and Pokerstars is renowned for the professionals playing on here. I have played against quite a few of them and it’s a great way to test if you can run with the big dogs. It’s not uncommon to see a cash game on the high stakes tables and a few pros sitting with more than a million bucks between them. You are most welcome as a spectator to watch the action. They currently offer £20 free play and also first deposit bonuses.


As seen on tv, they currently offer a 100% first deposit bonus up to $500. That my friends is a good deal. There is nothing sweeter playing with someone else’s money. And when you win, you also get to keep the winnings! PartyPoker is also home of the PartyPoker Million; a tourney sponsored by them where pros and players from all over the world buy in. The qualifiers start online and the final stages are held on a cruise ship. Who knows, you might get to go on one of those cruises some day.

Bwin Poker

As seen on tv and one of my favourite sites. Not only poker, but also sports betting and casino gambling, like roulette, slots and much more. They currently offer a €100 bonus on your first deposit, which is very nice. They also have some of the best odds out there on their sports betting platform and the whole system is designed to be super easy to use. I’ve been a member since 2008.

Titan Poker

As seen on tv and part of a gaming group, this site currently offers a 200% bonus on your first deposit. As you can see, I only endorse the sites that are being advertised on tv, because there’s a reason for it. They are good and provide the best cash games, sit&go’s and tourneys out there. You can’t go wrong. When you need a little break from poker or just feel like something else, you can hop over to the casino and enjoy some blackjack, roulette, slots and much much more.

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