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If you are reading this post then by now you should already have the big three; playing cards, a poker table and chips. The rest of the poker accessories I’m about to discuss is not really necessary, but neither is a Rolex. It’s just so much fun to have and will be the difference between just your best mate turning up out of pity and a whole bunch of your friends for a great night. As before, I will split it up between poker accessories UK and Europe and poker accessories USA so that everyone can get their hands on the good stuff. Amazon changed the way we shop completely and it’s quite difficult to find better deals somewhere else. And on top of it all, it’s just so much easier and if you’re a prime member, you know what this means; free delivery!


Card Shufflers

These babies will really make you feel like you’re playing in a casino. When playing poker. you only use one deck of cards, but these battery operated shufflers below can shuffle more than one deck, which means you can use it when playing Blackjack and other card games. If you shuffle anything like me then this is the shuffler for you. When I shuffle, people don’t trust me to be the dealer. It looks as if I have no idea what to do. The only downside to these shufflers are that you will no longer be able to deal from the bottom to get those Pocket Rockets, the best starting hand in poker. On the upside, if you are friends with someone like Antonio Esfandiari, who is a professional poker player and an accomplished magician, you will benefit since your friend can no longer deal himself those Big Aces.

Card Shuffler – UK                                      Card Shuffler – USA

Card Shuffler

Best Card Shuffler






Poker Card Shuffler

Best Card Shuffler








Card Protectors

Card protectors can be whatever you want it to be. Some people believe that they are lucky and use something very personal and close to them. Me, I used to use a big, full size horseshoe, which had never brought me luck. I always joke that I was born with a number 13 on my forehead. I’m starting to think that it is true. So you can use anything you like really and I ditched the horseshoe, because people made fun of me and got myself one of these protectors below. Humberto Brenes uses a little toy shark, which is the origin of his name, to protect his cards.

Card protectors are there to do what the name says. I sat next to a dealer one day and the guy dealt me a pair of cowboys, (KK). A very good starting hand. Players were folding all around and he didn’t concentrate and folded my cards, which were lying right in front of my chips, into the muck. It didn’t matter, even after he realised that he was wrong. My hand was folded and that was also the last time, because I got that horseshoe. Card protectors lie on top of your hand to make sure that no one can touch your cards and it shows the dealer that you intend to play the hand. These protectors below are stylish and made from metal, so you can even play outside in the wind. It will hold your cards down, accept when hurricane Titbit decides to drop by.

Check out the following link on how to roll your card protector between your fingers. Poker players do that all over the world, so you will amaze your friends.

Card Protector – UK                                     Card Protector – USA

Card Protector

Poker Card Protector






Best Card Protector

Best Poker Card Protector








Poker Chip Trays

The last thing you will need to bring Las Vegas to your dining room will be chip trays. They use these trays in casinos and it’s great to keep the different colour chips separate. Made from strong and durable plastic, they should last you a very long time unless you drop it from the top of the Statue of Liberty.

There’s nothing more I hate than having to separate all the chips from each other after having piled it all into one box after the last game. Each tray can hold a 100 chips, so once a new game starts, all you do is hand each of the players a tray and off you go.

Chip Trays – UK                                             Chip Trays – USA

Chip Tray

Poker Chip Tray






Best Chip Tray

Best Poker Chip Tray







As always, please let us know your thoughts and comments on these accessories in the comment box below.

See you at the tables.




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